Painting Blogs & Facebook Groups

Facebook Painting Groups:

Tole Painters Unite (need to join group)
Creative Innovations in Painting (need to join group)
Mudding with Margo (need to join group)

Facebook Sites to Buy & Sell Used Books, Surfaces, Patterns, etc.
These sites (called Destash sites) are closed groups (meaning you must join).  The first person that comments “Me pls” on an item is the buyer.  She then messages her e-mail address and zip code to the seller.  The seller prepares a PayPal invoice, payment is made, and the item is shipped.  If someone beats you out,  you can comment “NIL or Next in Line” and you buy if the first sale falls through…..  Read the site instructions carefully.

The De-Stash Group
Painter’s Destash Delight 
Decorative Painters Stash for Sale


Your Decorative Painting Resource by Chéryl Poulin

Many artists have blogs and newsletters. Visit their sites to subscribe.